Ulta Haul

It has been a couple weeks since I have posted anything and I have missed it! I am coming back at ya with a little Ulta Haul! 

Ulta Makeup

I went for one reason, to get the items I was out of, concealer, setting powder, and bronzer. But of course I came back with a little more. Oops.


Clinique Foundation

I don`t want to talk to much about this foundation because I want to dedicate a post to a full review. All I will say is I tried it yesterday and I am pretty impressed. 

I`m actually kind of embarrassed to admit this is my first time trying Tarte Shape Tape Concealer. I don`t even think I  need to say anything about it because I am pretty sure everyone in the world knows how amazing it is. If you haven`t heard, it is amazing. I am in the shade, “fair beige.”

Makeup Revolution Powder

I`ve only tried this once so I don`t have a good opinion of it yet. It did set my under eyes pretty well. I am interested to see if it will cause any flash back. The one thing I don`t like is how small the lid is. I like to dump the powder into the lid and then pick it up with my beauty sponge, but since the lid is so small it is hard to pick up the powder, so I was basically getting it everywhere. 

This is a repurchase. My all time favorite affordable bronzer, plus it smells amazing like you are on a beach vacation. When I first purchased this, I got the “Light Bronzer” because I am pretty pale, it was too light for me. So now I get the shade “Bronzer” and it is perfect. 

I was so impressed by these shadows when I swatched them in Ulta. I am excited to see how they look on the eyes and how they will last. They also had these little quads called the “Full Throttle Shadow Palette” that swatched beautifully too that I want to try out. 

NYX Worth the Hype

I didn`t buy this at Ulta, but at Target the next day. This is NXY`s newest lengthening and voluminous mascara, and I love it! It definitely looked more natural, but still added plenty of volume and length to your lashes.  Plus it doesn`t transfer below or above your eyes. 

I hope you enjoyed my little haul! I would love to hear if you have tried any of these products and your thoughts! 

xo~ Madison M. 






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