I Can`t Like This

The Vitalist Healthy Elixir Foundation is definitely one that you have to try for yourself. I have heard of this foundation working for oily skinned girls and dry skin girls, so I wanted to see if it would work for me. 

Healthy Elixir

From Covergirl`s Website:


“Finally a hydrating, vitamin-infused formula for beautiful, buildable coverage that glides on smoothly for a flawless look. Vitalist Healthy Elixir Foundation is infused with Vitamins E, B3, B5 plus SPF 20. A special antioxidant and vitamin complex plus SPF 20 work together to make your skin look healthy all day. Give your skin a luminous glow. Available in multiple shades from light to deep.”

These are some of the reasons that I just can`t like this foundation, and believe me,  I really tried.

This foundation oxidizes 

I have bought three different shades of this foundation. I am pretty pale so I`m not sure​why I didn`t start by buying the lightest shade in the first place. ​ I started by purchasing the creamy natural shade, too dark. So I went a shade down and got the classic ivory shade, still too dark. Finally I purchased the lightest shade, ivory.

Once I got the lightest shade I quickly realized this foundation oxidizes, it wasn`t just because the foundation was too dark for me. It makes my skin look pretty orange. That is one of my biggest turn offs with a foundation. If it oxidizes I am probably not going to like it. 

It makes me look oily

I feel like that is a lot coming from someone who is very dry. I used to be more on the oily side, but since starting Accutane, an acne medication, my skin has gotten extremely dry. I don`t think the winter weather is helping either. It looks so beautiful when I first apply it, it really gives you that healthy glow, but it starts looking shiny and feels almost sticky. 

Breaks up and looks patchy  

The foundation breaks up around my mouth and nose pretty quickly. It slides off the top of my nose and around the sides of my nose and a ring comes off around my lips. It could possibly be coming off around my mouth do to the excessive amount of chap stick I apply every 20 minutes, but it still looks pretty bad. It also clings to, and extenuates my dry patches even though the foundation is supposed to be hydrating. 

Whenever I wear this foundation I am not happy with how my makeup looks. This formula does not work with my skin, so I won`t be purchasing it again. If you are at all interested in trying this foundation do it! Just because it doesn`t work for me or ten other people, it could be your new favorite foundation. 

The packaging of this foundation is really nice. The foundation is in a glass bottle with a pump. The pump distributes the perfect amount of product. The gold rim and bold, different types of font are very eye catching. 

Thanks for reading and let me know if you have tried this foundation. I would love to hear your thoughts and how it worked for you! 

xo~Madison M.



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