Target had a sale, haul + mini review

Target Haul

Every time I go to Target I go in with the intention of getting a couple things. These couple items I need leads to an hour to an hour and a half of looking at every single section. Even if I was there a couple days ago, I still have to look at every single section.

I went to Target yesterday and had to make a stop by the makeup section, of course. I noticed a couple clearance stickers on a few items and an employee told me that over 300 items were marked down due to packaging changes with products. So of course I had to go down every section and look up and down every shelf. At that moment my boyfriend wished he would have stayed home. Sorry AJ. 

I contained myself and only got 7 items, unfortunately all the foundations on sale were already sold out of my shade. I also included a mini review/first impression of each item. 

L`Oreal Voluminous Feline Noir in Blackest 

Voluminous Feline

Was: $7.99 Now: $5.58

L`Oreal kills the game when it comes to mascara. L`Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara and the Voluminous Original Mascara are two of my favorite that I use on a daily basis. 

From the packaging….

Now with more intense black pigments for our most ferocious black. Our first mascara for instant volume with ferocious full lash density. Lashes are so powerful, so captivating, so feline. The quick-charge brush captures each lash to deliver fullness and immediate volume. The quick-charge ultra glossy black formula provides a feline-volume in one coat and shiny smooth lashes. Does not smudge and is easily removed. 

My thoughts….

It took me several coats to get my eyelash to look the way I wanted to but once I got it there it looks pretty good on both my upper and lower lashes. It just seems like there isn`t much product in the tube so the wand feels very dry when applying. This mascara created more volume than length. I will definitely finish this tube but will stick with my other L`Oreal favorites.   

Rimmel London Shake It Fresh in Very Black 

Shake It Fresh

Was: $5.99 Now: $4.18

From the Packaging….

First-to-market Shaker system inside the mascara, refreshes the formula when needed to help prevent it from drying out. Ultra-smooth, clump-free, volume from first to last use. The Volume Defining brush gives you a beautiful fan of lashes with maximum separation from corner to corner. 

My thoughts….

This tube is heavy! But the shaking technology is pretty fun, even though they recommend only shaking when needed. It was very wet, so I immediately got a giant glob of mascara on my cheek. When you are in a hurry and already have your foundation done, this will ruin your day. I feel like it made my eyelashes look like spider legs, not very voluminous but pretty lengthening. I can see myself mixing it with another mascara for the length, but I did not like how it looked on my lower lashes.

Maybelline Color Jolt Intense Lip Paint in Stripped Down 

Was: $7.99 Now: $3.98

From the website….

Amp up the intensity with 8x more pigment in every drop. Maybelline`s vibrant lip paint glides on to deliver a jolt of intense color. 

My thoughts….

I am pretty sure they changed the formula or colors of this product because when I went on Maybelline`s website, Stripped Down looked way more purple and mine looks like a pinky nude. The color is intense but it fades pretty fast. Plus the tube is super small so I feel like I will run out of this quickly. Not mad with the sale price, but I do not think I would buy this at full price. 

Sonia Kashuk Tools No. 32 Synthetic Concealer Brush 

Was: $10.99 Now: $5.48

From the packaging….

Pointed tip and added width make this synthetic brush perfect for under-eye concealing and covering blemishes. 

My thoughts….

The packaging for both this brush and the Angled Crease Brush is so nice. They both came in a hard case, which seemed a little more luxurious. I didn`t like this brush for concealing my whole under eye, it made it very time consuming for me. It was very nice for getting close up in the corner of my eye, fixing foundation around my nose, and for concealing my eye for eye shadow. I recommend having a brush like this in your collection. 

Sonia Kashuk Tool No. 26 Angled Crease Brush 

Was: $10.99 Now: $5.48

From the packaging….

Fits effortlessly into the crease of the eye; great for creating depth. 

My thoughts….

Not a huge fan of this yet. I am not sure I`ve used a brush like this so I want to play with it more. It does pack the color on. 

Sonia Kashuk Nº 106 Small Eye Shadow Brush 

Was: $4.99 Now: $2.48 

From the packaging….

Natural and synthetic hair. The perfect brush for a more controlled eye shadow application. 

My thoughts….

I really like this brush for packing color onto the lid. I agree with this being the perfect brush for a controlled eye shadow application.

Sonia Kashuk Tools No. 09 Blending Sponge 

SK Beauty Sponge

Was: $7.99 Now: $3.98

From the packaging….

The perfect sponge to access hard to reach areas- apply, blend. Smudge and pat your way to perfection. 

My thoughts….

The sponge was the perfect amount of dense and squishy. I tried it both dry and wet. I use my favorite sponge from Real Techniques dry, because it gives you more coverage, so I wanted to see how this sponge is dry. It gave more coverage when wet, but not a crazy difference. When I got the sponge wet, it did not expand like most, maybe this is a sign it won`t hold a lot of product. The side applied with the wet side looked more natural. Super happy with the price, even worth it at full price. 

On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being I go there 5 times a week, how much do you love target?

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xo~ Madison M.


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