Current Go-To Affordable Foundation

I am all about finding affordable and amazing products at the drugstore. The drugstore is really stepping up their game and making their products quality while not breaking the bank. My favorite places to shop for affordable makeup are Target, CVS, or Walgreen’s. I have recently fell in love with the Better Skin Foundation from Maybelline. I am in the lightest shade, porcelain, and it matches me perfectly…..we will blame it on winter. 

FullSizeR (1)

I first heard of this foundation while watching one of Casey Holmes drugstore videos on YouTube. Casey has rosacea, which is a condition that causes redness and often small bumps on the face. Because of this Casey is all about full coverage foundation or no foundation at all. My skin is definitely an insecurity of mine, so I am always on the hunt  for full coverage foundations as well. When Casey says a foundation is full coverage and she highly recommends it, I believe her and have to try it myself. I can`t tell you how many products I have bought because she recommended them. So of course I had to try this foundation. When I first tried this foundation I was not at all impressed, it didn`t seem that full coverage to me, so I was a little disappointed and didn`t try it again. Very recently I was looking through all my foundations and found this one again and thought I would give it another shot. I have been wearing it ever since! It has quickly became my go-to, everyday foundation these past couple of months. You really don`t need a ton of product, they have 16 shades to choose from, it looks flawless, and it is only $11.99! 

From Maybelline`s Website:


Maybelline`s oil-free, skin-transforming foundation features ACTYL-C and broad-spectrum titanium dioxide sunscreen SPF 15 that helps to achieve better looking skin in just three weeks. Our fade-proof formula won`t transfer and looks just applied all day.” 

I can`t say I achieved better looking skin in three weeks like the product claims, but I am not a good judge of this, it takes a lot to please my skin. I fully agree with the “Our fade-proof formula won`t transfer and looks just applied all day” claim. It never feels sticky, and is dry to the touch. The color doesn`t oxidize and the foundation does not break up either. 

Overall, I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a full coverage affordable foundation! 

What is your go-to drugstore foundation? 

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xo~Madison M. 


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